Finding new donors for any new profit has it’s own set of challenges. While Plumb Marketing provides several services to support fund raising season, there are many things a charity or non=profit organization can be doing throughout the year to attract and engage new donors. offers up a 4 step plan to acquiring these precious contacts that we found to be very helpful. The 4 steps identified are:

  1. Review your current data for intelligence about how people have come into your organization in the past. We often call this persona building and campaign tracking in general marketing practices.
  2. Make a plan based on findings. As they say in marketing, test, track., adjust, repeat. If you find a specific campaign that works, duplicate it!
  3. Use a targeted outreach. The article specifically talks about Google ads and SEO. We even offer online advertising follow up based on your mailing list (it’s called Response Builder and has amazing results!)
  4. Keep it simple. This is true in all of your marketing if possible.

To read the full article for details on each of these steps, click here.