With personalized postcards and direct mail campaigns, non-profits have an opportunity to grow awareness and increase donations for their organizations. Plus, when nonprofits thank their donors, it makes a lasting impression and results in even more contributions.

How can gratitude grow your nonprofit? We believe it drives it in three ways:

Acknowledging Givers Feeds Their Good Ego

One reason people give is because it makes them personally feel good. Psychologists call this egoism, but when it comes to giving, it’s not such a bad thing. However, if you aren’t thanking donors, you are likely to lose those who need to know that their giving matters.

Everyone in a nonprofit organization, from the Executive Director to volunteers, wants to know that what they are doing is important towards the mission. If you aren’t expressing gratitude for their part, you will be chasing new contributions rather than building long lasting contributors.

Saying Specific Thank You’s Demonstrates Impact

Stories of nonprofits misusing funds has caused many donors to have skepticism about how much money really goes to those in need. When nonprofits communicate how funds are specifically used, and thanks the donor for their gift towards that end, it makes a huge impact.

Using a specific story about the benefit of gifting, including showing appreciation for a donor resulted in one organization increasing revenues by nearly 10%.

Give to Get

Charity Galas are one way nonprofits have provided wonderful experiences for potential donors and know that doing so yields higher awareness and charitable giving. The same is true for gifts back to donors in the form of swag or promotional items, and/or thank you gifts or notes.

While you may not be able to host a gala, your small budget can be stretched with simple, low cost, automated (yet personalized – this is important) letters.

Not sure where to start? This article by Network for Good gives some practical advice, and this article shares some ideas for incorporating more gratitude into your nonprofit communications. And, if you’d like more information on direct mail campaigns or ways to express gratitude through gifting, start here and contact Plumb Marketing today.