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Are you...tired of wasting money on advertising that does not work?,Are you... looking for a marketing system to inspire new customers to visit?,Are you... ready to work with a partner who gets it?

It’s a known fact in the restaurant industry, your regular client base could shrink between 20-30% this year with normal moves, life changes and other factors.

If you’re like others in the restaurant business, you’re always looking for ways to attract new customers while spending as little as possible.

Between normal life events and new competition, you need to be consistently attracting a new client base rather than relying on the return visits to sustain your business.

According to the National Association Of Realtors®, approximately 20% of the population relocates each year. Your total “client inventory” could easily be shrinking by as much as 30% per year. If this high-side figure seems ridiculous, stop and think how many guests you used to have that are no longer around?

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