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Are you... not sure if your direct marketing is working?, tired of wondering if your direct mail piece has been delivered?, not getting the results desired from your marketing campaigns?, ready to maximize your marketing with online advertising?,

Response Builder Is For You!

Response Builder by Plumb Marketing takes the guess work out of your direct mail programs by adding more features designed to convert prospects into clients.

Maximize your direct mail impact by adding mail tracking, online advertising and call tracking! Response Builder offers:

  1. Targeting for your ideal prospects with a custom designed mail pieces.
  2. Tracking of your mail pieces and tells you when they hit mailboxes.
  3. Tracking of responses to your marketing and tells you what’s working.
  4. Integration with Google remarketing and Facebook Social Match to electronically advertise to those who visit your website.
  5. Dashboard access to see results in real time!

Response Builder gives you marketing intel to grow direct mail response rates and advertise using online tools simply and efficiently!

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Running a political campaign? Response Builder Political Power Up also adds Gmail advertising, Youtube video ads AND district targeting online! Click to view the flyer on this amazing addition! 

Plumb Response Builder Direct Mail and Online Advertising Management System!

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Response Builder is a marketing based solution that is designed to seamlessly track the effectiveness of your direct mail campaign while enhancing results through cross-channel marketing on the Google Display Network and Facebook. Included in your Response Builder program:

Plumb Marketing print and direct mail services begins this program. Let us help you print and mail your compelling offer to your list or one of ours!

We track your mail by analyzing the raw data provided to us by the USPS system through the Intelligent Mail Barcode that is printed on your mail piece. This data allows us to predict and confirm when your mail will reach mailboxes.

You will be provided a unique local or toll free number for your campaign. This number will be printed on the mail pieces and used on the banner ads. Any calls that come through on this line will be tracked, recorded and available for playback and download.

90% of people who are interested in a product or service go to the company’s website first before calling or visiting the brick and mortar location. According to Google Analytics, 96% of unique website visitors will leave without taking any sort of an action. Follow the visitors to your website throughout the Google display network to show them advertising that matches your direct mail piece using our powerful remarketing program.

We will take your mailing list to Facebook and Instagram to MATCH each name with Facebook/Instagram accounts. Now your target market will receive the initial mailing AND be delivered the same message on their Facebook/Instagram feeds even before they have visited your website!

Access your client dashboard portal specific to your campaign to watch results in real time! Know when your direct mail campaign is projected to hit mailboxes, confirm delivery and see how much of your mail has been delivered. Receive notifications and recordings for any calls that were generated from your campaign, including date, length of call and caller ID. See how many people are visiting your website, how often your ad has appeared online and how often it has been clicked. All of this amazing increase in exposure enhances the overall results of your campaign.

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