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Are you... tired of not seeing results from your marketing dollars?, aware that you could be communicating more effectively to your database?, overwhelmed with marketing options and not sure what will work?,

General Business Marketing

These issues are incredibly common in the small to mid-market business space, and increasingly so with all the cool, new marketing technology available to business owners today. 

So how do you know the best way to market to clients and prospects and what may give the best return for your dollars spent? 

Oftentimes, the biggest challenge we face as businesses truly is all the noise in the market that may distract from setting up a system or process that actually works for our business. The same holds true in the marketing space; at Plumb we believe that you cannot forget to start with the basics.  

Who is my ideal client?

Once targeted, am I telling them something that matters to them? 

Are we utilizing the right marketing tactics to reach prospects and clients “where they live?”

And finally, once I have the right prospects am I following up in a systematic manner?

If your answer to any of the above was no, perhaps it’s time to take another look at what your current marketing strategy looks like.   

Curious as to what your “Ideal Client” looks like?

Download an ideal client development tool and get started targeting the right client today or call 303-607-9424 to get started growing your business! 

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