Fundraising is the lifeblood for nonprofits, supporting the mission in a way that volunteers alone can’t. Every dollar counts and return on investment is critical. Boost your nonprofit fundraising with these fun and effective postcard ideas:

Say Thank You. It’s a fact that donors want to be recognized for their giving. Whether they give of time or money, their donations are more likely to keep coming in if they are thanked for their contributions.

Ask for Help. Specific requests are easier for donors to wrap their heads around than general ones. For example, instead of asking for $100, let them know what that could do, such as feed ‘X’ number of people or buy ‘X’ supplies for a project.

Stay in Touch. Staying top of mind helps nonprofits keep their patrons engaged in the mission and needs of the organization. Quarterly mailings letting them know the progress of the mission and how funds are being used, and helps donors understand why their contributions are needed.

Tell a Story. Let patrons know about a specific way your organization is helping the cause important to them. Give statistics, results, and stories that are emotionally connected to your donors.

Introduce Your Cause. Use postcards targeted to demographics that match current donors in order to generate new interest in your cause. Ask for opportunities to present or give links for them to learn more. Recruit ambassadors willing to help spread the message.

Promote Your Events. When it comes to fundraising events, it’s all in the attendance numbers. Get more people there with postcard invitations, requesting donations if they aren’t able to attend. Ask for specific sponsorship levels to offset event costs.

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