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Are you...tired of working with different vendors for mailing and signs?,Are you... looking for a better resource to get in front of prospects?,Are you... in need of more leads for your business?

As a roofing company, you know your competition is out there in force communicating to the community about how they can provide a better roof, excellent service and faster response.

We specialize in working with roofing companies because we can work with you quickly and price competitively, to get the materials you need in the hands of your prospects.

Whether it’s a geographically targeted mailing after a big storm, or developing an online store that you can re-order all your business cards, signs, hangers, yard, signs, shirts and more, we are the one stop resource for all the marketing stuff you need.

Contact Plumb Marketing today and quit trying to remember who was that last vendor you got your postcards from!

Your One Stop Source For Banners,For Business Cards,For Pocket Folders,For Door Hangers,For Yard Signs,For Post Card Mailers

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Plumb Online™ Contractor Marketing Collateral Management System!

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We can provide consistent marketing collateral for all your locations with a customized Plumb Online web store so you and your team can get what you need when you need it. We are all about creating efficiency in your marketing world. This tool will centralize all of your marketing collateral, ensure consistent branding, messaging and supply. Reduce costs, maintain brand equity and never lose a marketing piece again! 

Eliminate one-off requests and get your marketing collateral into the market more quickly. You can respond faster to changing market conditions, opportunities, competitive pressures and/or cost fluctuations. What used to take weeks, now takes just hours. And, all of this translates into saving money.
A central, easy-to-use portal liberates staff members from inefficient “management via inbox.” Gone is the email trail of proofing business cards and flyers, improving not only conformity to deadlines, but also maximizing productivity of your staff. You gain a “virtual marketing assistant.”
Your own personalized online store allows for a permission-based, 24/7 secure access environment site, ideal for corporate, association or franchise managements, ad agencies or field staff to create and/or order collateral on an as-needed basis. Pre-approved color standards are reflected in PDF proofs, generated from high-resolution native art files for final production.
Pre-approved templates automatically enforce brand standards while providing flexibility. You enable your sales teams while protecting your brand. Plumb Online works seamlessly with existing brand management tools, corporate intranets and digital asset management systems.
Integrated tracking and reporting makes planning and budgeting more accurate. Management can monitor activity by store, region, campaign or element. All production/ shipments/mailings/deliveries bill to the appropriate cost center via credit card.

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