Straight to sweet marketing, direct mail services, order fulfillment, and printing results. Located in Denver, Colorado, we are your one-stop direct marketing shop.



Direct marketing strategies for professional services, associations, home services, political and other business in Denver CO.


High quality commercial printing services in Denver, CO. Get the quality of printed items you expect at an affordable price!

Direct Mail

Get your message directly in front of your customers with our direct mail programs to ensure a successful campaign.


Increase efficiency and improve response times with our eCommerce fulfillment solutions in Denver, CO.

Response Builder

Maximize your direct mail campaign responses with our Response Builder program.

Plumb Online™

Centralized online ordering for all print and marketing collateral. Order, print or delivery of your marketing materials.

Welcome To Plumb Marketing. Join our president, Lynndell Epp, for a tour to see how we do things differently.

We explore what’s next and encourage our team to innovate.
We help our clients achieve extraordinary results.
We refine our process and discover innovative ways to do things correctly and on time.
We always have our clients’ backs. Rely on the best direct marketing firm in Denver CO to git’ ‘er done!

Meet Our Team

So, why the name “Plumb” with a plum-filled logo?

When we came up with “Plumb Marketing,” we also started playing with plum. This led to the choice about whether to go with “Plumb,” connoting “straight” and “true” as in a plumb line…or going with “Plum” and its association to “sweet food for thought.” We decided to go plumb crazy and use both concepts. And have some fun along the way. Voila, Plumb Marketing with the plum-centric logo was born. Our keyline, “Straight to Sweet Marketing Results” conveys our commitment to make our solutions efficient, cost-effective and sweet-tasting – not just short-term but down the road as well.

By offering five solution categories addressing global marketing needs – direct marketing, marketing consulting, printing & imaging, mailing & fulfillment, and, online solutions – Plumb Marketing can provide precisely what will truly work best for your business.

We’ll give you performance instead of puffery. As we have for the last 20+ years. Welcome to business done plum/b right! 

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Direct marketing

Need a plan? Let’s do a marketing assessment to discover opportunity.

Define your objectives, target market, marketing calendars and more using the 20+ years of experience from the Plumb Marketing team. Contact us today to schedule a complimentary discovery assessment.

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by Maria Harrington on Plumb Marketing
Thanks for being on our order fulfillment team!

Just wanted to thank you (and the entire team) for all of your work this week filling our orders. Truly appreciate the effort and efficiency in getting everything shipped out in such a timely manner. It was a record week for us and your team played a large part in making it happen! Many thanks.

Maria - Thank you some much for sharing your success with us. We are happy and honored to help support your growth through great order fulfillment services!

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