Plumb Marketing is a leading provider of direct marketing strategies for professional services, associations, home services, political and other business in Denver CO.

Plumb Marketing works with multiple industry segments. We are a complete solution for your next direct marketing campaign.

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Plumb Marketing provides high quality print services.

Printed items are still important in today’s digital world, and we make it easy for you to get the quality of printed items you need in a short amount of time. Efficient, quality and affordable print services available through Plumb Marketing.

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Direct Mail

Plumb Marketing provides high quality direct mail services.

Direct mail programs are an excellent way to place your message directly in front of your customer. With nearly two decades of direct mail experience, Plumb Marketing has the expertise you need to make your direct mail campaign a success.

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Plumb Marketing provides e-commerce fulfillment solutions to small businesses in Denver Colorado.

Fulfillment services outsourced to Plumb Marketing can help you reduce costs, increase efficiency and improve response time. Our fulfillment programs ensure your collateral and products get where they need to go. Great for smaller e-commerce companies.

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Web Store Fronts

Plumb Marketing provides online services to centralize your marketing collateral.

Plumb Online™ is a centralized online store front to order, print and deliver all of your marketing collateral. Ensure brand integrity, reduce storage fees and maintain consistent messaging. Excellent for franchises, associations and multiple location organizations.

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Online Marketing

Plumb Marketing provides online marketing services to accompany any direct marketing campaigns.

Want to take your direct mail campaign to a whole new level? Add our Response Builder program to your next direct mail campaign to include online advertising, social media matching, call tracking and more! Political PowerUp excellent for any campaign. 

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Welcome To Plumb Marketing. Join our president, Lynndell Epp, for a tour to see how we do things differently.

We explore what’s next and encourage our team to innovate.
We help our clients achieve extraordinary results.
We refine our process and discover innovative ways to do things correctly and on time.
We always have our clients’ backs. Rely on the best direct marketing firm in Denver CO to git’ ‘er done!

Meet Our Team

So, why the name “Plumb” with a plum-filled logo?

When we came up with “Plumb Marketing,” we also started playing with plum. This led to the choice about whether to go with “Plumb,” connoting “straight” and “true” as in a plumb line…or going with “Plum” and its association to “sweet food for thought.” We decided to go plumb crazy and use both concepts. And have some fun along the way. Voila, Plumb Marketing with the plum-centric logo was born. Our keyline, “Straight to Sweet Marketing Results” conveys our commitment to make our solutions efficient, cost-effective and sweet-tasting – not just short-term but down the road as well.

By offering five solution categories addressing global marketing needs – direct marketing, marketing consulting, printing & imaging, mailing & fulfillment, and, online solutions – Plumb Marketing can provide precisely what will truly work best for your business.

We’ll give you performance instead of puffery. As we have for the last 20+ years. Welcome to business done plum/b right! 

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Direct marketing

Need a plan? Let’s do a marketing assessment to discover opportunity.

Define your objectives, target market, marketing calendars and more using the 20+ years of experience from the Plumb Marketing team. Contact us today to schedule a complimentary discovery assessment.

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by Shawn Breyer on Plumb Marketing
Best Direct Mail Service

For our We Buy Houses company where we buy a lot of properties, we send out thousands of direct mail pieces. We've split tested numerous companies and Plumb Marketing has always caught all of our mistakes, been the most thorough, and the most responsive company that we have worked with. We love doing business with them.

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