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Welcome To Plumb Marketing. Join our president, Lynndell Epp, for a tour to see how we do things differently.

We explore what’s next and encourage our team to innovate.
We help our clients achieve extraordinary results.
We refine our process and discover innovative ways to do things correctly and on time.
We always have our clients’ backs. Rely on the best direct marketing firm in Denver CO to git’ ‘er done!

Meet Our Team


Plumb Marketing is a leading provider of direct marketing strategies for professional services, associations, home services, political and other business in Denver CO.

Plumb Marketing works with multiple industry segments. We are a complete solution for your next direct marketing campaign.

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Plumb Marketing provides high quality print services.

Printed items are still important in today’s digital world, and we make it easy for you to get the quality of printed items you need in a short amount of time. Efficient, quality and affordable print services available through Plumb Marketing.

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Direct Mail

Plumb Marketing provides high quality direct mail services.

Direct mail programs are an excellent way to place your message directly in front of your customer. With nearly two decades of direct mail experience, Plumb Marketing has the expertise you need to make your direct mail campaign a success.

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Plumb Marketing provides e-commerce fulfillment solutions to small businesses in Denver Colorado.

Fulfillment services outsourced to Plumb Marketing can help you reduce costs, increase efficiency and improve response time. Our fulfillment programs ensure your collateral and products get where they need to go. Great for smaller e-commerce companies.

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Web Store Fronts

Plumb Marketing provides online services to centralize your marketing collateral.

Plumb Online™ is a centralized online store front to order, print and deliver all of your marketing collateral. Ensure brand integrity, reduce storage fees and maintain consistent messaging. Excellent for franchises, associations and multiple location organizations.

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Online Marketing

Plumb Marketing provides online marketing services to accompany any direct marketing campaigns.

Want to take your direct mail campaign to a whole new level? Add our Response Builder program to your next direct mail campaign to include online advertising, social media matching, call tracking and more! Political PowerUp excellent for any campaign. 

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Direct marketing

Need a plan? Let’s do a marketing assessment to discover opportunity.

Define your objectives, target market, marketing calendars and more using the 20+ years of experience from the Plumb Marketing team. Contact us today to schedule a complimentary discovery assessment.

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This fulfillment site has enabled our resellers/customers across the globe to select, configure, customize and print what they need, when they need it. They can quickly and easily order marketing materials to represent their business and know it will arrive on time. Plumb Marketing (formerly Mail Masters) has done a great job meeting our global fulfillment needs.

Plumb Marketing (formerly Mail Masters) has been invaluable for our small business…nothing but positive experiences. They are fast, efficient, responsive and easy to work with. From printing newsletters and flyers to handling all of our shipping needs, Plumb Marketing (Formerly MailMasters) has gone above and beyond to provide truly excellent service… The staff is friendly, professional, and always ready to answer questions and provide assistance. We could not ask for better service.

Thanks to the call tracking feature of Response Builder, Dr. Jason Monroe was able to listen to the calls coming in from his postcard campaign. Using the data collected from those callers, the doctor implemented improvements to his reception process. His conversion rate went up 122% and within 3 months, Dr. Monroe had generated $260,000 in campaign revenue — an 876% return on investment!

Dr. Jason Monroe, Village Green Dental Center

…after a long tenure as our partner, our Colorado vendor was closing their doors. This vendor was an important link in a national network of mail houses that we employed to zone skip on behalf of a prestigious and nationally known direct marketing client. The work was same day and complicated…So I traveled to the Denver area and vetted a dozen potential replacements. I chose Plumb Marketing (formerly Mail Masters) of Colorado…I am very pleased with their performance, reliability and professionalism. They have been instrumental in preserving my network, as well as pleasing a core client.

I worked with Marsha Silletto, and she was fantastic. Marsha was very organized, and our mailings went out exactly on our timeline. We were very happy with the service we received. We will be using Plumb Marketing (formerly Mail Masters) again.

Pam Kammerer, MaxFund

You guys were fast to get back to me with estimates, and also speedy with the printing when we needed it in a week! Great customer service!

Rachel Denenberg, Owner

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