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Welcome to Plumb Marketing


Join Lynndell Epp on a tour of Plumb Marketing and see how we do things differently.

  • We explore what’s next and encourage our team to innovate.
  • We help our clients achieve extraordinary results.
  • We refine our process and discover innovative ways to do things correctly and on time.

Our Direct Mail Services

Plumb Marketing Team

Our Direct Mail Services Team

Plumb Marketing: Straight to Sweet Results

Our tagline speaks to two critical contributions we make to your business:

  1. Giving you streamlined solutions that go straight to the heart of the matter; and
  2. Sweetening your bottom line along the way.

That’s it. Our job is to give you the most cost-effective marketing tools and trajectory to heat up your bottom line. We bring many potential tools to the table, spanning print to digital…traditional to trendy…mainstream to new media. We’re not going to push trendy for trendy sake. Likewise, we won’t paper you with paper just because it’s where our roots come from.

We’ll give you performance instead of puffery. As we have for the last 19 years.

More About Us  

Our Team

We are just as loyal to our team as we are to our clients. In business since 1996 Plumb Marketing (formerly Mail Masters) is proud to say many of our team members have been with us for the long haul. A mix of both long time veterans of the print and marketing industries and a few additional fresh sets of "eyes," we a dedicated group of folks out to serve our clients in the most honest and hardworking way we can.

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