With our many years of direct mail experience, the Plumb Marketing team has often seen many ways that mail marketing can help our clients to reach out to their prospects or clients, in which online marketing would not have achieved the same results. Ironically that the very ease and frequent use of electronic marketing has led to more noise in that space, which consequently has resulted in perhaps more effective direct mail marketing when it’s done right. But when we talk about direct mail marketing, there is a very important aspect of this process that is known as direct mail fulfillment.

So what is it? And how does it fit into your direct mail marketing process?

The Work in Between…

In the simplest terms, direct mail marketing is when you have a product or service that you want to generate awareness about through physical mail, and the intended client or customer opens up their mail box, holds it in their hands, and engages the marketing, prompting them to get in touch with you. We’ve all experienced it checking our own mail on a regular basis.

Between that first idea of you wanting to generate awareness, and the final step of a client or prospect consuming the marketing content, there are many steps to getting the right piece out. Much of this occurs during, and even after the campaign is sent, and all equally as important to making a campaign more effective. These many different steps are all part of the direct mail fulfillment process, and depending on your desired results, it may benefit you to talk with experts on how to make the direct mail fulfillment process smooth and more effective.

The Campaign Itself

Creating an effective direct mail piece can involve a lot of different types of expertise. You may want a copywriter to craft writing that engages a reader, or informs them efficiently of everything they need to know. You may need a graphic designer to lay out an attractive visual design for your mail marketing, ensuring that information isn’t cluttered, colors are bright and eye catching, and your company brand is strong and recognizable.

All of these things may be parts of your marketing that require a good partner, it’s advisable to vet your service provider to ensure they have the expertise you need.

After The Campaign

It’s almost always recommended to include a call to action, some reason for your clients or prospects to connect with you. If done right you know that you will be receiving responses from new customers and need to craft a reply or fulfill an offer request in return, direct mail fulfillment also comes into play with that. Personalized responses, for example, including specific pamphlets or brochures that customers can request, can be fulfilled by a good partner. Businesses that need would like to distribute material for further promotion can also rely on a partner to send follow up materials requested as part of a direct mail fulfillment service.

Direct mail fulfillment can play a vital role in the execution of a complete, effective marketing campaign. Make sure if you are considering it you have a really qualified partner who can educate you on all your options for the most effective campaign for your money.

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