Fulfillment Center In Denver Colorado

Fulfillment Center In Denver

Are you looking for a Direct Mail, Print, Ecommerce and Product fulfillment center in Denver Colorado?

While Plumb Marketing can create and execute programs for many types of fulfillment services, the two most common types we help execute are product order fulfillment and direct mail or print fulfillment. From beginning to end, we can make your company look good by offering prompt, accurate and economical fulfillment solutions, letting you concentrate on your core business. We handle everything, including receiving, inventory management, pick & pack, packaging, shipping and tracking. We use best practices to ensure efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Our direct mail and fulfillment services can bridge the gap in your business operations, efficiently linking you with your customers.

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Plumb Marketing Is The Only Fulfillment Center In Denver You Need!

Our Fulfillment Services

Whether you need fulfillment services or a fulfillment warehouse solution in Colorado, Plumb Marketing can provide the space, trained staff and proven management systems you need. Let us manage the back end for your products sold online, printed literature, promotional items or distributor Point of Purchase items.

What exactly is fulfillment? See how these companies below have used fulfillment to keep their business running.

A Colorado ski resort needed to distribute posters to ski clubs nationwide. After printing 50,000 posters we shipped 1,000 each to 50 ski clubs throughout the U.S. directly from our printing plant. A portion may also be drop shipped to our fulfillment facility for future distribution.

A national franchise restaurant chain needed to fulfill point-of-purchase materials. Signs, menus, cards, premiums or display fixtures are picked out of inventory, packaged together, and shipped. These shipments may be one-time or periodic replenishments of supplies.

A financial brokerage needed to send personalized literature kits to inquiries as a follow-up. Existing pamphlets on several mutual fund options are picked to order, placed into a kit – whose contents and cover letter are personalized to each recipient.

A city visitor’s Bureau needed to send vacation planning brochures to inquiries on demand. Identical booklets were pulled from inventory, addressed, and mailed. OR… Each requestor receives a unique brochure based on his/her demographic profile, lifestyle interest, or past travel behavior

It’s an easy-to use, web-hosted marketing management, production and distribution system built to meet the needs of franchise, association and retail operations.