You could say that Account Services Manager, Dan Shaver, has a bit of experience with printing, mailing and fulfillment. His first job was folding collateral and lugging mail sacks onto pallets at age 13. As the third generation of the family business Direct Mail Services, which was founded in 1947, Dan has been working with clients in sales and account management since 1989. The company merged with Plumb Marketing in March.

“DMS saw a need to expand our services and wanted to partner with a company we knew could take care of our customers in the same thoughtful way we have in the past,” says Dan, who in his current position, ensures that client projects are set up and executed perfectly throughout all steps of the production process. “We chose Plumb because we wanted a company that values its team and clients in that same way that we have for so many years.”

While Dan has seen drastic changes in technology throughout his tenure in the industry, deadlines remain a constant. “I think the best way we can help our clients and ease their minds is to map out the planning and scheduling for them, and of course, over communicate about the timeline, so they fully understand what is needed and when so that everything goes out on time,” he says. He always looks at client projects to ensure they are designed efficiently so they can be executed at a reasonable cost. “Sometimes, just the smallest tweak can save a customer thousands of dollars with postage or printing.”

Dan, who tends to be the first one in the building, and the last one to leave, says that the energy of bringing two companies together has been an incredible upshot of merging. “We like to have fun here at work. I am really enjoying all of the staff and the positive get-it-done attitude.”

An avid motorcycle rider, Dan loves the outdoors and everything about it, including fly-fishing, camping, hunting and scuba diving. His favorite quote comes from Yogi Berra, “Nobody goes there anymore. It’s too crowded.”