Direct Mail Services

Direct Mail Services

If you're looking for Direct Mail Services in Denver, you've come to the right place.

Plumb Marketing has the expertise you need to make your direct mail campaign a success.

Plumb Marketing will help you:

  • Understand USPS requirements
  • Minimize expenses and reduce costly errors
  • Include the means to track and measure results
  • Select the best lists to reach your targets
  • Use the right strategies and tactics to increase response

When you're in the hot seat, and thousands of your dollars are on the line, you can't afford to hire the wrong supplier. You need a partner who can help you integrate your direct mail with your online programs to deliver what's promised.

Find out just how inexpensive our services are and how they can drive sales and leads to your business. Get your free estimate today!


The Ultimate Direct Mail Handbook

Find out How to Get the Highest Response Rates at the Lowest Cost for the Greatest Profits.

  •  Ways Any Type of Business Can Use Direct Mail
  •  How to Use Return-on-Investment Tools for Measuring Performance
  •  How to Find and Select the Right Direct Mailing Lists
  •  5 Steps for Generating Sales Leads
  •  Formats with Maximum Impact
  •  7 Guidelines for Headlines
  •  The Best Ways to Improve Copywriting Results
  •  18 Keys to Successful Direct Mail
  •  Strategies and Tactics to Improve Response Rates
  •  Bringing Together Offline Marketing with Online Marketing

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Direct Mail Packages

Does Plumb Marketing Produce and Assemble Unique Direct Mail Packages?

What direct mail packages are most frequently used, and when should they be used?

Rather than produce massive catalogs that cost a fortune to ship, it is now possible to sort and select the content for different levels of dealers/distributors. Content can be collated electronically at time of printing, instead of by hand. Product selections can be customized for the local area and regional preferences.

Reduce your catalog costs and target the needs you customers want and your dealers / distributors carry:

  •   Reduce stocks of single product information sheets
  •   Reduce printing costs catalogs
  •   Reduce shipping costs for catalogs
  •   Improve targeted marketing effectiveness

Plumb Marketing can advise you on when and when not to use any of the above conventional direct mail advertising formats.

We provide a wide variety of other approaches for our customers.

  •   Lumpy Mail (Unique mail formats that include a promotional item or something that isn’t flat. These attract major attention)
  •   Attention-Getting Enclosures
  •   Dimensional Mail
  •   Snap Packs
  •   Telegrams
  •   Gifts and Premiums
  •   Lunch Bag Mailers