Looking for some new, effective, and attention-grabbing ideas for your next fundraising campaign? We’ve got you covered! Grow Your Association While Shrinking Your Workload ™ with these tried-and-true tips:


Let’s face it, we are all enamored with ourselves and the things we love. This is the crux of personalization. Targeted lists help you to use personalization in your messaging and studies show this makes communication more effective.

Personalization can be very creative, from writing the recipient’s name in a picture of sand on the beach, or providing driving directions from their location to yours, right in their mailer. These certainly create interest and show you know your audience.

Use Gratitude

Donors want to know that their gift matters. Showing gratitude feeds their need for acknowledgment and sense of altruism. Featuring donors on your social media, holding volunteer lunches, or sending specific, personal, handwritten thank you cards are all great ways to demonstrate appreciation to volunteers and donors.

Build the Right List

In sales we know that working with a list of warm contacts is more effective than cold-calling. But, when it comes to mailing, organizations may forget this and send out huge direct mail campaigns to cold contacts, rather than nurturing their current warm market.

Sending high quality communication to your housefile is more effective than mailing your prospecting list, however building your housefile will come through prospecting. Your direct mail strategy should incorporate both lists, with the goal of building both.

Tell a Story

Stories that include photos help connect the potential donors to the mission of your organization. Tell stories of how their support directly impacts the community for the better. Help them understand what their contributions will specifically do. The more they can connect to the stories and the beneficiaries of their gift, the more engaged they will be.

Be Clear

Use your direct, clear call to action as an attention grabber. If you need a certain dollar amount to reach a goal – use that as a headline. A clear ask helps donors know exactly what tangible needs your organization has.

When communication is vague, it isn’t effective and donors could be confused by what you want them to do. Ask them to take one action and make it easy for them to do that.

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