//Are You In NonProfit? These Top Promotional Products Are For You

Are You In NonProfit? These Top Promotional Products Are For You

Promotional items can leave a lasting impression in a highly competitive industry, such as nonprofits and not-for-profit organizations. With over 1.5 nonprofit organizations in the US, this sector continuously looks for ways to make a lasting impression while reducing their costs. Since 58% of consumers report keeping the gift from 1 to 4 years and 89% of consumers report remembering the name of the organization who gave them the gift two years later, promotional products are an excellent method to stay top of mind.  Here are the top ten promotional gifts often used by nonprofits: nonprofit promotional products

  1. Drawstring Bag
  2. Water Bottle
  3. Tumbler
  4. Headbands
  5. Bracelets
  6. Bottled Water
  7. Lip Balm
  8. Hand Sanitizer
  9. Lanyards
  10. Sunglasses


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