Promotional products have been used in the US as marketing tools almost as long as we have been a country! The earliest account of promotional items in use spans back to the election of George Washington, when commemorative buttons were passed out to the masses to honor the first president of the new nation. However, it was Jasper Meeks who is credited as the father of promotional items when, during a slump in his newspaper printing business, he began printing on burlap bags with advertising messages to stay afloat. 

In 1904, 12 promotional product companies gathered to form the Promotional Products Association International(PPAI), a trade association that still exists today. The industry now enjoys over $20 billion in annual sales! At Plumb Marketing, we provide promotional products to several industries. There are 5 specifically that get the most traction out of using promotional products to support lasting marketing campaigns. These industries are: 

  1. Education
  2. Finance
  3. Construction
  4. Healthcare 
  5. Nonprofits

To gain insight into each of these sectors and view the top 10 ideas for each, just click the links above. Then give us a call to discover other ways to use promotional products to increase brand awareness, improve sales cycles and create goodwill within your target market. After all, 94% of consumers who receive a promotional product gift remember receiving it! Now that’s a return on investment! 



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