Personalized marketing appears to be blazing the way as the latest trend in digital advertising. After all, the amount of data now being collected via search engines and social networks is astounding. So how can direct mail marketing compete? Gone are the days where consumers are impressed with personally addressed mailings.  Thanks to emerging technologies, such as Plumb Marketing Response Builder or the myriad of list criteria we can now request, peersonalized direct mail campaigns can now include variable data points to customize mail to the individuals receiving the mail. 

A great example of a project that Plumb Marketing recently completed was for an automobile maintenance shop. We were able to develop a post card campaign that switched out the make and model of each recipients vehicle with an offer specific to that type of car. We used the same art, just created fields that brought in personalized data points to the printed piece. We then added Response Builder to drive recipients back to a specialized landing page for an additional offer. A cookie was placed on their device that began to share online advertising on Google, Facebook and Instagram, reminding the recipient  that an oil change was due. Lastly, we were able to capture others visiting the landing page that were not on the mailing list and send them a mailer, also personalized. Wow! 

This article from MarTech Advisors shares an even more indepth view of the future of marketing technology and the integration with direct mail.


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