Are you...not sure if your direct marketing is working?,Are you... tired of wondering if your direct mail piece has been delivered?,Are you...not getting the results desired from your marketing campaigns?, Are you...ready to maximize your marketing with online advertising?

Response Builder Is For You!

Response Builder from Plumb Marketing is a direct mail centric, online follow up program that includes Google, Facebook and Instagram remarketing advertising and social matching for people on your list! 


Watch this quick video to learn more about Response Builder and how it will boost response rates, get you more customers and a higher return on investment from your next direct mail campaign!

Response Builder by Plumb Marketing takes the guess work out of your direct mail programs by adding more features designed to convert prospects into clients.

Maximize your direct mail impact by adding mail tracking, online advertising and call tracking! Response Builder offers:

  1. Targeting for your ideal prospects with a custom designed mail pieces.
  2. Tracking of your mail pieces and tells you when they hit mailboxes.
  3. Tracking of responses to your marketing and tells you what’s working.
  4. Integration with Google remarketing and Facebook Social Match to electronically advertise to those who visit your website.
  5. Dashboard access to see results in real time!

Response Builder gives you marketing intel to grow direct mail response rates and advertise using online tools simply and efficiently!

Find Out How Plumb Response Builder Has Impacted Other Businesses!

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