We would like to introduce you to Life Care Solutions a client of Plumb’s who’s had the unique challenge of bringing a new service to the marketplace. As a Senior In-home Care provider they have experienced a gap in the market to provide more independent seniors an option to help in their day to day needs and activities. This brought them to the point of creating and providing a service that’s akin to a personal assistant for more independent seniors.

What a great story to be able to be a part of and help tell, but developing the service is only the first hurdle, then you have to get people to find it right! Life Care Solutions has done it right, some lessons we can learn from their launch:

  1. Know your ideal client.
  2. Develop a plan to reach those clients and lean on people to help you execute.
  3. Understand the data behind what is working (or not), and be prepared to test and adjust especially with brand new products and services.

If we can help be that team to lean on as you are working through new ideas for your business, let us know!