When it comes to client prospecting, many of us are like a deer in headlights. Prospecting is tedious and stressful. Moreover, there is creating the right environment to make a sale. Yikes!

Breaking down the client prospecting process makes everything easier. Begin with one fundamental idea: how do I profile the perfect people for my organization? The answer is easy and already in front of you: your potential clients should model your current ideal clients.

With this out of the way, let us break down the process even further by addressing who, why and what of our prospect list.

Who: Who are they? Who includes education level, family size, income, age, gender, place of residence.

Why: Why do your clients act the way they do? Why includes hobbies, lifestyle, attitude, personality, political affiliation, values, religious views, and interests.

What: What are your clients’ greatest worries, pains, or frustrations? What are your clients’ greatest desire? What addresses the biggest single problem your organization can solve for your ideal client.

After filling in the blanks, start connecting the dots. Make this fun, and don’t over-analyze it.

Remember, you are dealing with existing ideal client profiles. Answering the “who’s,” “why’s,” and “what’s” should be easy and almost effortless. As the picture fills in, you will start to see how what you do matches up with who, why, and what they are.

This process will give you ideas on how to better market to your existing clients. In turn, it will also provide a template for how to appeal to like-minded ideal prospects.

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