A Regular, Interesting, & Powerful E-Newsletter Can Bring Customers to Your Door and To Your Website

An e-newsletter is not a replacement for a physical newsletter as we spoke about earlier. This e-newsletter should provide different information than your regular newsletter. You can do things in an e-newsletter that are difficult, if not impossible, to do in a physical newsletter. For example, you can share a link to an instructional video that shows how to put one of your products or services to use. You can include links back to your website that even include a special area just for past customers. You can give them a password to the area to make them feel extra special. Within this area you can provide them additional offers and even coupons they can print out and bring into your physical store.

When you allow customers to purchase products from you online, you can use the newsletter to provide access to special to offers that public viewers of your website aren’t allowed to see. 

An e-newsletter can be sent weekly, monthly, or even quarterly. You have to find the frequency that keeps them involved and keeps your customers’ attention focused on what you are doing to help them.