As a group that literally pushes content out the door and into mailboxes for our clients, we understand all too well that a defined distribution plan is one of the keys to successful marketing. Taboola recently published a blog about 44 content distribution strategies available, yet not once is direct mail mentioned. Now, we certainly subscribe to various directories,  online advertising, search engine optimization and others mentioned. We also see amazing results when direct mail strategies are included, especially those that include an online call to action, where many of the techniques mentioned can then take over. By adding in a direct mail component, even better targeting can occur as online only turns on to these consumers after they have expressed an interest in your product or service offering. Ask us more about these types of tecniques next time you call in.


In the meantime, this article from Taboola IS worth the read as it puts into perspective the various areas which require investigation and investment of your marketing is truly to become omnichannel. Read on for some great suggestions.