Colorado Children’s Campaign is a local non-profit that has been dedicated to ensuring every chance for every child in Colorado is realized. This group has been serving our youngest population since 1985 with focus on policy change in the areas of education, health and early childhood learning and development. Diversity, inclusion and equity are the cornerstone values that guide the initiatives pursued by the passionate people who make Colorado’s Children’s Campaign one of the most critical organizations in securing the future of our youth.

Plumb Marketing has been honored to partner with Colorado Children’s Campaign to provide print and mail services for their fundraising events, annual luncheon, ballot measure awareness campaigns and various other programs. The group reports that their primary reason for working with Plumb Marketing is in the ease of doing business with us. Our helpful nature, clear communication, strategic thinking, creative ideas and knowledgeable staff keep them coming back throughout the year to execute their programs to maximum success.

Colorado Children’s Campaign is expanding their programs to include a larger focus on economic security for families, including housing. Their next event is the annual luncheon on September 12, 2019, featuring keynote speaker Dr. Myra Jones-Taylor, a leading changemaker on infant-toddler policy and program development. This is a wonderful event to learn more about the barriers our youth face. For a more family fun event, also save the date for October 10 when Colorado Children’s Campaign will be holding their first “Fun-raiser for Colorado Kids” at the Denver Milk Market. For more information, donation and involvement opportunities to support this important organization, visit