Trimble is a Denver based company that serves dealerships and internal staff all over the country. Specifically, Trimble provides precision agricultural products that enhance the efficiency of farming. 

The challenge: Meeting marketing needs with distributed locations and workforce- having products and services that are sold and supported by resellers all over the world, the challenge facing Trimble was getting their stakeholders the marketing assets they needed in an efficient and timely manner. 

Our solution, an online system to manage their marketing collateral needs both to internal staff and external dealers, ended up saving them $5,000 year one alone in just reprint costs. Not to mention the additional staff time and resources to proof products, fulfill marketing collateral needs, and getting their people what they need in a timely manner. 

Says Amy with the Trimble team: “This fulfillment site has enabled our resellers/customers across the globe to select, configure, customize and print what they need when they need it. They can quickly and easily order marketing materials to represent their business and know it will arrive on time. Mail Masters has done a great job meeting our global fulfillment needs.” Amy Wigginton Director, Marketing Communications, Trimble Agriculture Solutions 

As businesses, we all have marketing needs. Sometimes a simple technology solution that protects your brand, allows you to serve your people more efficiently, and results in you having to worry about one less task in your business- like ordering business cards- can save you more time and money than you think is possible.

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