Are you not sure how internet advertising programs can affect your bottom line? Meet Dr. Amit Khanna. Dr. Kanna owns Patuxent Dental in Maryland. When considering the add on for Response Builder, concentrating on his key performance metrics was critical. And per the doctor himself, new patients are worth about $3,290 over the course of their lifetime. Here is what was uncovered:

Amit Khanna Dental was mailing about 6,000 pieces per month and acquiring 42 new patients as a result. The cost to acquire each of these patients averages $143.

When Dr. Khanna mailed 12,000 pieces per month, he acquired 83 new patients per month, dropping his acquisition costs to $63 per patient.

When Dr. Khanna added Response Builder to his 12,000 piece mailing, he acquired 154 new patients per month with an acquisition cost of $34 per patient.

With Response Builder, his ROI per patient is about 9,576%! Dr. Khanna brings in about FOUR new patients for what it cost him to acquire just ONE when he first started. Now who couldn’t use results like that!

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