Welcome Your New Customer to Your Business to Set the Stage for a Long Term and Profitable Relationship

The hardest part of business is acquiring new customers. The truth is most businesses would have enough new customers to make their business a success if they treated them correctly from day one. Each customer that walks through your door can be a one-time customer or they can be a repeat customer. How you treat them from the minute they walk through the door is what will determine which path they follow.

I recommend that every business provide a welcome packet to each new customer. This starts the relationship off on the right foot. A few items that you want
to include in each welcome packet:

  • An irresistible offer that compels them to come back a second time. This offer should acknowledge the fact that they are a new customer and you want to reward them with a second opportunity to do business with you.
  • Inform them on how you are going to communicate with them AND live up to it. Share with them that you will be following up with them for a review or testimonial. Also let them know that you like to stay in touch with your customers to provide them value beyond what they purchase in your store.
  • Let them know how they can get answers to their problems or issues and how to resolve them quickly. Be up front in how you can help them should an issue arrive with their product or service.

Many times local businesses can band together to provide welcome packets that include offers from other complimentary businesses. I have a client who is in the auto repair business. In each of his welcome packets he has complimentary car wash coupons from a car wash that he recommends. He also includes a referral to a specialized part dealer that is of interest to his clients. 

The welcome packet is a chance to really WOW your customer with how you are different. It should show them that you believe they are more than just a sale or single transaction.

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