Reach out to Your Past Customers Who You Haven’t Heard from in Awhile Without Having to Pick up the Phone

The best customer is the one who keeps coming back. They are your “regulars”. They will come any time you call, mail or email. The more regulars you have, the greater your sales will be. A question that I would challenge you to ask yourself is: “How do I create more regular customers?”

You have a group of customers who have become inactive. They have tried your product or service, enjoyed it, yet somehow fell off the grid. They got busy with life and for some reason haven’t come back yet. I call these customers “Inactive customers”. These customers have to be treated differently than your regulars. We have to get them back in the mode where they understand who you are, the value you provide, and why they should return.

They need a subtle reminder of what it was like to do business with you. What I would recommend is having an inactive customer sequence.This is more than just a single letter or postcard. This is a campaign that once put in place, runs itself. It takes customers who have become inactive and brings them back to you. An effective sequence will involve use of mail (letters and postcards), e-mail, the phone, and even special invitations. An inactive customer who receives your material will feel they have no choice other than to come back and experience your business all over again.

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