Have you sent out a direct mail campaign recently and not sure how to analyze it for success? Lead generation is certainly the optimal outcome. But there could be several factors in the way of achieving your goal. This article from Forbes provides insight into 7 analytical factors to consider when determining the success of your direct marketing campaign. A few questions to ask yourself are: 

  1. What were the results? Map out the journey of your buyer. Did your mailer compel them to take the next steps? 
  2. Was your offer good enough? We speak often about the irresistible offer and its ability to drive sales. 
  3. Did you mail to the right people? The list is master when working in direct mail. 
  4. Was the piece the right size to gain attention? Yes, in this case, size DOES make a difference. 
  5. Was your design attractive, relevant and attention gathering? 
  6. Was your copy compelling, readable and consistent with your offer? 
  7. Did you send the mailer out at the right time of year? Selling snow plowing in July may not get you the results you desire. 

To read the full article to gain additional insight into each of these 7 analytics, click below.