We have all heard in business that a contact list that is well qualified and targeted is critical to success when marketing. What happens when you need to create a list from scratch? The first element is to understand your current client base then identify demographic and psychographic markers that they have in common. Once this data is gathered, a look alike audience can be created. 

When we acquire lists for our clients, our first question is “Who do you want to market to?” With advanced technologies leveraging big data almost every criteria can be uncovered. Do you want new movers into the community? Are you marketing to men or women in a specific income bracket, age demographic or location? How about parents of newborns? If you can define a demographic, we can probably find a list to market to. This recent article from Printing Impressions details a deeper look of the types of data to collect, stats on response rates for direct mail and accuracy of lists. Ours come in around 95% accurate by the way. Enjoy the read! 

Click here to read the full article by Printing Impressions. 

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