One thing we often are asked as a Marketing company is, “What can I offer to my prospects to get them to react, my business is not a 10% off your next purchase type of business.”  We encourage you to think outside the box, one offer we put out there into the universe was a Free Drone, what a unique offer! It was very specific to the service we were wanting to boost business in and makes for a compelling reason to read just a bit further.

The importance of compelling offers and calls to action, used correctly, when putting together a campaign can be essential to gaining more clients and revenue for your company.  Put yourself in your potential clients shoes how do you respond to marketing? It’s been shown that interest and response rates rise when people are asked to act and receive something worthwhile in return for doing so.

Now and then we all default to the standard approach, “Sign up now to get a FREE Starbucks gift card!” Although this call to action can be effective, it can also be irrelevant dependent upon the type of response you are aiming for and the information you are trying to impart.

Once you have dreamed up an offer (use the drone for example)  to increase interest and response rates, how do we justify the cost of your offer? That is where creative exploration comes into play. There are many interesting, and varied cost options that are a compelling incentive for your potential audience.  Also keep in mind creative exploration should come into play when dreaming up an offer.  Remember you don’t have to offer a physical item, what if your services are in the financial sector and you have compelling information to share.  For example: “The 5 biggest financial challenges on the horizon in 2017.  You need to know how they can either save your investments, or lose you money!”  Your prospective clients debating a provider change may be compelled to stop and pay attention to that information.  Remember marketing is all about getting your clients or prospects to react!

The point is:

  1. Give in-depth thought to your offers and calls to action.
  2. Avoid cliché offers that potential clients may overlook.
  3. Consider the maximum cost you are willing to absorb to attract new business.
  4. Consider less costly options on novel, or gift items.

What kind of call to action can you create that does not sound like everyone else?

Finally, remember never do anything that will be perceived as a bait-and-switch (e.g. don’t picture a $1,500 drone when you are giving away one valued at $50). People talk and will always remember how you made them feel, even more than what you did for them. Don’t cost your company lost business and lost credibility by offer something that isn’t.

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