The Direct Mail Association is now reporting a 5% response rate for direct mail, one of the highest rates ever reported by the agency. They are also reporting the median ROI is near 29%. Wow! Now, if you are going to invest in this marketing tactic, make sure you take all of the necessary steps to ensure your direct mailer stands out from the crowd. 

In an article recently published by Forbes,  5 tips were shared to help your marketing piece get the attention it deserves. After all , you went through the work to determine a great list, great message, great timing…why not invest in a design that converts. Their tips are: 

  1. Be quick. – 8 seconds is all you have to grab attention. It actually may be more like 3 seconds any more. Either way, be quick about your message. Remember, you just need them to take one small action (like visit your website) to see if they are interested. 
  2. Add graphics. – We all know a picture is worth a thousand words. Remember this in your marketing designs. 
  3. KISS (Keep It Simple Silly) – one offer, one phone number one website. that is it. We had one client come through with ten different phone numbers to call depending on the service desired. It confused his audience and the campaign fell flat. We did our best to warn him…
  4. Get creative.  The article below shares lots of ways to stand out from the crowd. We like to use different types of paper, variable data to personalize and technology (like online follow up advertising) to make sure your campaigns are memorable. 
  5. Think about the size of the piece. And before you get too crazy with his one, remember the USPS has some restrictions and price points for various sized pieces. 

Read the full article in Forbes by clicking below.