As a business owner, you may be well aware that there are dozens of ways to spend your marketing dollars, and your main task right now may be trying to decide how to allocate your marketing budget so that you produce the most effective results possible. This means determining how to get your marketing message viewed by your target audience.

Direct mail services may be one option to consider. With a closer look at direct mail postcards, letters and more, you may decide to add this time tested tactic to your arsenal.

Putting Your Marketing Directly in the Customers’ Hands

When you use direct mail as one of the tactics in your marketing approach, you can put something physically in your prospect or customers hands. Your direct mail can be highly personalized, come in many shapes and sizes and be designed to grab the attention of the recipient. Even postcards are available in many different sizes. You can also mail pieces in envelopes, packages, mailing tubes or other unique packaging. When you mail an item to a customer, you are not guaranteed that they will open it, but you are guaranteed that it will be in their hands. The more creative the package, the better chance you have of your piece being opened and read. Be thinking about how you can make your direct mail unique and memorable.

Why Postcards May Be a Good Solution

Even though packaged mail really stands out, postcards can be very effective when used properly. With a postcard, there is no need to open it, so your offer can be seen immediately. Your recipients will review the information on your postcard quickly and determine if they want to keep it and take action or toss it away. This means that your marketing information will be read by the intended recipient. If you want people to respond, keep in mind that your offer and call to action must be powerful.

Postcards require less postage than envelopes and packages and are more cost-effective to print. This makes them a very cost effective tactic to implement into you marketing mix.

When you are interested in reaching out to your target audience, you can use search engine optimization, banner ads, signage along the road and many other methods to get the word out about your business and about your products and services.

However, direct mail postcards are as effective and more affordable than even many digital options. You may be able to find a solid place in your marketing strategy for postcards.


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