There’s no question that your company needs to embrace the digital world in order to be relevant in today’s market. But many people are surprised to learn that direct mail still has a big impact on a company’s results at marketing. In fact, 92% of young shoppers still prefer direct mail to help them make purchasing decisions.

In other words, sending out direct mail is something that you should consider investing in. The return on your investment could be substantial, and makes this method of spreading the word about a business well worth looking at. But to get the best results, you can’t just send out a random mailer with some ad copy and assume that it will work. Instead, you need to take some time and get creative.

Here are a few ideas and examples that can help give you a better picture of what creative direct mail means. Keep them in mind and you could get some impressive results.

  • Get Personal – You don’t have to drop the names of a client’s kids into a letter, but just taking the extra step to use their name in a header is enough to add a little personal touch to a direct mail message. This should be a key feature of any direct mail solution.
  • Offer Something Useful – Whether it’s a small pocket calendar, a notebook, a magnet, or a pen, consider spending the extra money to offer something small and useful with your company logo or name on it. This helps impress the recipient, but also gives them something they’ll likely use and that will remind them of your company in the process.
  • Mail Smart – Don’t just send out a huge blanket mailer. Instead, try to gather some info to target those who are most likely to be interested in what you offer. There are hundreds of demographic and interest selects that you can use to find your “ideal prospect”. Maybe you are looking for women who have dogs and enjoy running….there’s a list for that. ThisProper targeting is a key part ofto getting better direct mail response rates. and while iIt takes extra time and effort, but it’s well worth it.
  • Follow Up – Building loyalty is important, and if you’re using direct mail services, you’ll want to focus on sending out somedirect mail to those who have used your company before. You can thank them for previous purchases and then introduce new specials or features that they might be interested in.

If you put some effort into using direct mail services, you’ll be able to get better response rates and better results from your efforts. That translates into a better impact on your bottom line.

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