Generation Y, also referred to as Millennials, is a highly mobile generation of young adults. These people, born from 1982 through 2000, are coming of age and are of high interest to business owners who want to grow their sales and brands. While Generation Y has grown up in the digital age, Denver marketing firms can help business owners reach this savvy generation of consumers through direct mail marketing campaigns using these three helpful methods.

Use Behavioral Patterns

marketing services firm can help you understand and use the behavioral patterns of the Millennials that you desire to target in your marketing campaign. Understanding these behavioral patterns can help to ensure that your direct mailings are successful.

Today’s Generation Y prefers personalized communications, so you may wish to have your mailings include their first name in the printed information, images of their interests and offers that allow them to try before purchasing. You may want to get hyper local information, such as how your product or service could be used or obtained in their specific neighborhood.

Reflect Millennial Preferences

Keep in mind the preferences of your targeted customers. Many people in the Millennial generation like to engage with the community through social networking, volunteer activities and other events. You can use direct mailings to capitalize on these preferences by including photos that showcase the local community.

You can also include photos of issues that your target demographic is passionate about. For example, in a community with many parks and gardens, you might consider including photos of how your business works with the local food co-op where they shop.

Consider the Generation Y Sensibilities

Generation Y adults have lived through plenty of economic turbulence. In your direct mailings to the Millennial generation, consider the inclusion of coupons for a percent off of a product or a dollar amount off of a service. You might also consider offering a new customer discount or a refer a friend type of offer.

Buy one, get one free offers are also popular for Generation Y, as they tend to enjoy trying out new products and services along with their friends. This means that one mailing could get you two new customers.


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