Happy Birthday! Isn’t that one of the most fun, celebratory things we hear? It is the one thing that all people experience, regardless of demographics, skin color, social status, religious views – you get the idea. We all have a belly button! And while we may not always be excited to celebrate our birthdays, (especially as they start rolling back down the other side of the hill), they are one of the easiest ways to customize marketing messages.

Why do we care about customized marketing messages? Because they work! They capture a prospective customer’s attention like few other things can. We belly button owners like to see our own name, and we also like to be celebrated! Birthday mailers are a great way to do this.

Customer Loyalty

Birthday mailers have long been a strategy for building customer loyalty. “Sign up for our birthday club” signage is an effortless way for businesses to capture customer contact information. These are people already interested in receiving what the business offers, after all, they are present and purchasing something already! They sign up because they want more (albeit free stuff) and are willing to be contacted again to get it.

Of course, statistics show they are likely to make additional purchases when they redeem their gift. Or, if they miss the window of opportunity, they still frequent the company who built the goodwill with them. This is truly a win-win situation – repeat business for the company and recognition and free stuff for the birthday celebrator!

Brand Recognition

If a customer is signing up for a birthday club, they are consenting to hear from you. Businesses who use this information to send valuable information to customers build brand recognition. Hopefully as well, this isn’t the only time of year they hear from you – they’ve agreed to be contacted, so use that information to keep them engaged with your brand.

Even if small businesses choose to not do multiple touches, a high-quality offer that is customized and relevant to the recipient is more likely to be engaged with than any other type of direct mail offer.


Birthday direct mail pieces are incredibly affordable, especially when considering the return on investment. The customer is already engaged with your brand, and they are given a limited time, customized offer. These factors are shown to motivate consumers to take action. Plus the mailers are easy to automate and track, making birthday mailers a consistently performing and producing set-it-and-forget-it solution for marketing your business.

Customer loyalty, brand recognition, and affordability make birthday direct mail campaigns worth a look for small business owners who offer products and services directly to consumers. Increase both sales and customer referrals when you send a birthday gift like a discount, a free meal, drink or dessert or anything that will help bring them (and their friends and family) into your store. 

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