Promotional items can leave a lasting impression for any organization, specifically the construction industry. Goodwill, trust and likability are usually drivers in the selection process for a builder, general contractor, roofer or any home improvement and repair service provider.   Creating a lasting impression throughout this industry’s longer sales cycles can make the difference between a profitable year or not. With 89% of consumers reporting remembering the name of the organization who gave them the gift two years later, the construction industry is a top industries to use promotional items. Here are the top ten promotional items for the construction sector: construction industry promotional items

  1. High-Vis T-shirts
  2. Measuring Tape Keychain
  3. Utility Worklight
  4. Pen with Level + Screwdriver
  5. Flashlight Keychain
  6. Tumblers
  7. Duffle Bags
  8. 7-in-1 Tools
  9. Rain Poncho
  10. Bluetooth Ear Buds


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