With a cheerful voice and a genuine desire to help her customers, Britteny Dimery is the friendly bookkeeper who will answer your call should you have a finance-related question for Plumb Marketing. Britteny joined Plumb Marketing one month after she, her husband, Kevin, and young son moved to Denver in August 2016. She celebrated her one-year anniversary on the job on September 19, 2017.

Britteny is no stranger to the Mile High City. She was born in Denver, but moved up to Laramie, Wyoming where she earned an accounting degree at the University of Wyoming. She then stayed on in Wyoming for a decade working for the University and also serving as controller for the Laramie Hilton Hotel.

Britteny is glad to be back in Denver, and when asked what she enjoys most about her job she said, “I love the variety of customers and the different ways I can help them. It’s fun to work in a job where every day is different.”

Things are pretty busy for Britteny at home too. With a two-year-old boy running around, she and her husband have become very familiar with the nearby park, which they visit practically every day. The family also enjoys sports of every kind. Even though Kevin is a diehard Golden State Warriors fan, they still enjoy cheering for the local teams here in Colorado too.

Don’t hesitate to call Britteny if you have any financial question for Plumb Marketing. She loves helping customers every day. She’ll be glad to take your call.