The millennial generation, now the largest demographic with US buying power, are known as digital natives. However, you may be surprised to learn that marketing to this group with direct mail is more effective than you might think. In fact, some sources* suggest that millennials even prefer direct mail over other types of marketing communication. Digital fatigue, the desire for a tactile experience and the ability to highly personalize are all leading to excited anticipation when it comes to opening the mail.

Here are 5 other statistics that may surprise you about this group’s interaction with direct mail:

  1. The U.S. Post Office has found that Millennials spend 9.7 more minutes sorting through their mail than any other generation.
  2. 82% of Millennials read direct mail from retail brands with 73% using direct mail coupons when purchasing.
  3. Half of Millennials report enjoying seeing what has come in the mail each day and consider it entertainment.
  4. 54% of Millennials state that local businesses need to improve on using direct mail to share specials, coupons and offerings available.
  5. 82% of Millennials view direct mail messages as more trustworthy then online messaging.

Now, just because direct mail is re-emerging as a highly effective marketing channel, it is not time to abandon digital marketing. Instead, consider new ways to use print to drive your customers online for additional research, product purchases and to create brand loyalty.

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