Meet Plumb Marketing’s staff accountant, Aimee Ritz, who is widely known for having a passion for crunching the numbers. At the age of 14, Aimee did the bookkeeping for the marina at her family’s camp during the summers and loved playing with numbers and accounts for fun. “I’ve always been good with numbers. I got it from my dad,” she says. She even jokes that she does accounting during her free time.

However, after one year at Plumb, her job involves much more than just “keeping the books.” Her daily job duties are a combination of all your normal day to day accounting, but just as importantly, she also ensures Plumb is in compliance with all federal and state law regulations, as well as other financial issues that may occur throughout her day.

Born and raised in Old Forge, located in upstate New Yok, Aimee enjoyed the many adventures of her childhood in a small community. “I grew up in the middle of the Adirondack Park – the largest national park in the country. In fact, you can fit most every other national park inside it with room to spare. We [also] have the biggest themed water park in the state. It was literally in my backyard!”

Aimee attended the Town of Webb Schools, which housed seven different townships at one school and still had under 400 students from Kindergarten to 12th grade. After high school, Aimee attended Le Moyne College and graduated with her bachelor’s in 2007. After graduating, she worked under a CPA in Old Forge for two years before moving to Denver with her older brother in 2009.“My brother took a cross country trip and stopped in Denver on his way home. He fell in love with it,” she says. “When he came back he [announced] he was moving to Denver and I was going with him. I said, “Sure. Let’s move to Denver,” Aimee laughs and shrugs her shoulders. “What did I have to lose?”

During her downtime, Aimee likes to swim, hike, camp, go fishing (“I have not caught anything in Colorado…yet”), skydive, and loves cookouts with her friends. She also has a huge appreciation for audio books and listens to them frequently in her down time.

Although her position can have some tough moments, Aimee loves her job at Plumb Marketing. “[Plumb Marketing] is so team focused. No one ever says, ‘Sorry that is not my problem’ and walks away. There is always someone here to help you out. “

Fun facts about Aimee Ritz

  • Aimee’s family owns a secluded camp on a lake in upstate New York – the only way to get to the camp is by boat, snowmobile, or hike around the lake. 
  • Aimee has owned and driven her own boat since the age of 10. “My family had a tradition – as soon as you turned the legal age, you got your own boat at the lake. Granted it was only a 7 ½ horsepower and you could probably swim faster, but you were responsible for your own boat!” 
  • Aimee’s family puts on a water ski show every year at the lake. Her grandfather started the tradition and taught everyone the tricks and built the jumps. 
  • From the age of 7 to 15, Aimee was the youngest barefooter (skiing without water skis) in the show. Aimee’s advice to aspiring barefooters, “Don’t face-plant. It feels like it takes days to get all the water out of your nose.”