Here at Plumb, we talk about direct mail and print marketing a lot. Rightly so, direct mail and print are our organization’s foundation. If your consumers are B2B, you know how difficult it is to land a meeting with the head honchos. Showing what your product or service has to offer does not always translate well in a single mass email.

Email, social media, and digital retargeting are great forms of marketing we recommend all the time. Typically, though, like with direct mail, they are great when used in conjunction with a multi-pronged approach utilizing many tactics, not just one. The important aspect to keep in mind is that all content must captivate your audience within seconds. If not, you will not attract your top business execs and land those high yield contracts.

Bulldog Solution, a B2B marketing agency in Texas, suggests using print marketing and direct mail campaigns to capture business executives. “For many [B2B] brands, sending a premium direct mail campaign is an effective option when that odds of breaking through their inbox are just too small.”

If you do utilize print marketing to capture your clients we recommend a few simple things to make it more effective:

First, create personal print marketing and direct mail campaigns for top business executives. This goes beyond putting their name and title on a piece of paper. Engage potential clients by addressing their pain points. Next, discuss how your organization can fix those pains. Do your research to understand the top executive’s pain. In essences, talk a long walk in their shoes.

Next, customize the experience of your print marketing material and direct mail. Create engaging pieces that move the user from offline straight to a landing page. Direct mail is not just about the postcard anymore, get creative! Then once you do drive them online, entice potential prospects to stay by creating captivating online experiences.

Last, make the online experience easy and quick to navigate. Let’s be honest; most people do not have much time on their hands, no one has the time to spend on things that don’t address his or her needs! Bulldog Solutions created a direct mail campaign with a pre-paid internet tablet. When the box opened, the tablet played a quick video describing the benefits of their service. At the end of the video, business executives had the option submit a meeting acceptance. According to Bulldog Solutions, the campaign had a 36% meeting acceptance rate!

Do not underestimate direct mail and print marketing campaigns. It could be the one marketing strategy to get your foot through that big, corporate door.

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