If you are trying to conduct business in today’s highly competitive landscape, then you definitely understand the importance of reaching your audience immediately, consistently and professionally. Although many of the latest marketing strategies do not give proper credit to the traditional communication methods, there is still a great deal to be said for direct response marketing. The anchor tactic for this medium is still direct mail.

The Perception of Direct Mail Marketing

No matter how effective it may be, direct mail marketing often will be seen as “dirty” by “ahead of the curve” marketers, many of whom believe that print is dead. In fact, direct mail in particular has enjoyed a resurgence in part due to its relative novelty vis-a-vis emails. Direct mail provides a fairly consistent rate of return, so you can always plan and monitor your metrics to estimate response rates before you begin, and monitor responses during and at the end of a campaign.

The Advantages of Direct Mail

Direct mail is one of the easier forms of communication to write and edit. A non-technical person can at least draft the concept aimed at the target market. However, when you use the services of a marketing company like Plumb Marketing, it is even easier since we have a complete in-house fulfillment center as well as a design & writing team. We will manage the entire process for you. And, we will track the success of your direct mail campaign showing you the actual ROI.

Does direct mail really work?

Yes. Direct mail is cost-effective, professional and can be paired with other tactics such as email, social media and events. When targeted correctly, you don’t have to spend huge amounts of money or time. When executed properly – the right message to the right person with the right offer and the right call to action – direct email can be especially effective. Many people look forward to the offers that you send them in the mail. Get feedback on offers that they don’t like and testimonials about ones they do. This allows you to test and adjust messaging, offers and calls to action each time you mail.

And, best of all, direct mail plays well with a variety of digital marketing techniques and vice versa—making it a versatile element of today’s marketing programs.