It’s the ultimate compliment…or is that complement? Airbnb, the global service that matches those seeking lodging with private residence owners, is launching a new print magazine called “Pineapple,” according to Joe Pulizzi, founder of the Content Marketing Institute. He concludes, “I never thought I’d see the day where a print magazine became a test concept for an online initiative… but here you go.”

Pulizzi notes, “The 128-page folio will cover the experiences of Airbnb hosts, guests, and travelers. Sure, it’s print — which is still an excellent way to cut through the clutter in the content marketing space — but there is a deeper story here: Airbnb is using this print component as a test run for a larger content marketing strategy. By launching with a planned circulation of just 1,500 subscribers, it is clearly looking to this move as a way to gather valuable data and feedback. Once successful (and depending on how the company plans to measure that success), Airbnb will launch its brand content on other mobile and web platforms.”

Once again, this supports our longstanding claim that it isn’t about digital vs. print (and the many pronouncements of print’s demise). It’s about digital and print complementing one another. As the lesser-deployed avenue in this digital-dominated era, print presents a fresh, noteworthy look.

It’s somewhat akin to the exercise of placing a black-and-white graphic on a full-color page. As the different look amid an array of color, the viewer’s eye likely will gravitate first toward the “old-fashioned” black and white image.

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