As w were developing one of our referrals programs, we stumbled across an amazing blog write up of 75 epic referral programs and just had to share! Below is a link that shares 75 great ideas for developing a referral program. Our top 5 favorites are: 

  1. MOO – Of course this one is a favorite as it directly aligns with print and promo items. They had the great idea to offer $15 referral cards for sending in friends and family. The best part was that the rewards are bankable, so a person can save them up and use for larger purchases. What a great way to stimulate multiple referrals!
  2. FLEETMATICS – This group was not super unusual with their referral program. A typical cash reward for referrals is their offer. What was compelling about this group is that they then blog about the referral. The cash reward is $200 so we are guessing the referral source is happy too share why they referred for this dollar amount!! By sharing on their blog, Fleetmatics not only rewards the referral source with some free marketing but also showcases how to refer them, why and what benefits are received as well. 
  3. WELLS FARGO – While this bank has had a few public relations hiccups lately, they still have it when offering something unique for a referral. Their program rewards advocates by giving them a free remote control stagecoach! 
  4. CITI BIKE – Rather then a straight cash incentive for referrals, Citi Bike created a referral program that rewards multiple referrals in exchange for a free month of service. Not only does this secure a long term client,  but continues to reward them along the way. 
  5. TESLA – This company seems to be on a mission to reinvent the world., including the referral world. Their program enticed one buyer of their cars to refer 188 people to the organization through an incentive program that offered upgrades on his new electric car for free. The program stimulated $16 million in new sales. Wow! 

Read about all of the referral programs in this fascinating article by visiting their website here: