While the Internet is gaining in popularity as a way for consumers to find the information they need and the discounts they desire on products and services, regular mail is still a leading way to reach large numbers of people in a targeted and personalized way. People still make that daily trip to their mail boxes with great anticipation of what might be inside to capture their interest. Direct mail services make it easy for you to create a customized campaign in a particular area or to reach a specific population, such as senior citizens. Consider these types of coupon offers to include in your mailings on your next marketing campaign.

Buy-One-Get-One Free

Buy-one-get-one free offers allow new customers to experience more than just one of your products or services. This gives you a chance to increase future sales by showcasing some of your best items. You could limit this type of free offer to specific products that you want to sell more of, or you could allow people to get two of the same item for the price of one with the coupon offer.

Free Friend Offer

Word-of-mouth referrals continue to be a fantastic way to increase your business. When your customers try out one of your products or services and love it, they are likely to tell their friends and family about it. You could create a free friend coupon offer for your direct mailing campaigns. The direct mail fulfillment center can include this type of an offer for your current customers who are already familiar with what products and services you provide.

Entice Former Customers

If you have some customers in your mailing list that have not made a purchase from you in a certain amount of time, such as 6 or 12 months, consider a special coupon marketing campaign that will entice them to return to your business. You might consider a special discount offer for dollars or a percent off of their purchase if they buy a product or schedule a service within a specific frame of time, such as 30 days. Need help improving your direct mailings? Services such as Plumb Marketing can help you move your direct mail marketing plans forward.


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