Have you heard the rumor that direct mail is dead? Well, it made a come-back and now has one of the highest engagement rates of all marketing methods. Paired with digital practices, direct mail appeals to millennials and other generations alike, because it meets their individual needs. Businesses see the value in personalized communication too. That’s why so many of them choose to focus on digital remarketing. 

Still not convinced? Here are three more reasons for making digital remarketing a part of your campaign.  

Convert More Website Visitors

Modern technology allows you to target website visitors and then follow up with them via direct mail. A combination like that makes any campaign stronger than when using just one marketing strategy. This is how you can get online traffic to engage offline: 

  • Mail a coupon specific to their needs that calls for a purchase.
  • Share a personalized letter explaining your non-profit cause or the impact your business is making to inspire action.
  • Invite your network to an open house event at your physical location. 
  • Encourage involvement by asking for their opinion through various surveys. 
  • Loop them back online through a special link or QR code.

Get Noticed

More and more people pay to opt out of ads, or simply go “banner ad blind” when browsing online. But you can connect with customers and break through the digital noise by implementing direct mail. Though some of it still gets tossed, a relevant message with a mention of their name is rarely overlooked. In addition, direct mail campaigns use your demographics’ physical location for more accurate tracking, which ultimately results in a higher return on investment. 

Be in Control  

Personalization is critical for increasing engagement and direct mail makes it easy to achieve. There is a wide variety of data that can be used to create mailing lists allowing businesses to reach their customers. But in a digital setting, it’s up to a customer whether to follow you or not, which complicates the process tremendously.  

Make your message stick by sending something as simple as a birthday card. Even businesses that started online have turned to direct mail in attempt to offer more value.

Now is a great time to see what digital remarketing can do for you. Are you ready to explore new ways of advertising? Contact Plumb Marketing team today! Together we can build a stellar strategy with predictable results.