In today’s “want it now” culture, it’s easy to see why snail mail has lost a lot of ground – 15.5 billion pieces in just four years.  Instead, people are turning to the Internet. To stem the tide, the USPS recently unveiled the Informed Delivery feature. Each morning, participants of Informed Delivery receive an email or an in App notification with images of the mail they can expect that day. For the first time, consumers and businesses can access mail from any device connected to the Internet. This idea promises to ignite interest among those who’ve turned away from traditional mail. So far, 2.5 million people have joined Informed Delivery and more than 10,000 are signing up each day.

This is great news for direct marketers. Informed Delivery gives you a way to interact with customers and prospects through two media: web and snail mail. You can use Informed Delivery to send a full color ad, interactive content and live links to inform your audience and build engagement with your company. It has potential to revolutionize marketing. If you’d like to find out more about how you can benefit from using Informed Delivery, contact Plumb Marketing today.

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