Have you ever sat stuffing letters and putting stamps on postcards to your clients or prospects and wondered, what better things could I be doing with my time?

Meet, The Bernardi Group, clients of ours who manage their monthly external communication with Plumb and leave the worry at the door.  We encourage consistency of communication for more successful marketing results, but sometimes the thing that gets in the way of that consistency is having to actually get it done.

For many of our clients like The Bernardi Group its as easy as getting a list in our hands (we can provide one too by the way) and letting us know when every month they want something to go out.

We so appreciate our clients trust in knowing we can be an extension of their efforts and just simply get it done.  Thanks to the Bernardi Group, and if you have questions about how we might be able to help your team, we welcome brainstorming with you!

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