The new year is here! It’s time to grow your business back with direct mail! While some still believe that direct mail is old and outdated, it has been proved that a blend of engaging mail pieces and online features is an effective pairing. Direct mail and Response Builder has new ways to convert even more leads. If you have tried direct mail and didn’t get the results you expected, it’s time to learn more about what Plumb Marketing offers.

Consumer’s Digital Fatigue

As we enter 2021, we now know about “Zoom fatigue” and online learning (and lack thereof). The digital overexposure is pushing people to crave offline experiences even more. Direct mail is a great way to create these mailbox-driven, personalized, and tangible touch points with customers and prospects. This is even more compelling for local business with a regional footprint.

Standing Out

Personalization is available with direct mail and it is an important part of the customer experience. With more people going to the mailboxes for deliveries, direct mail has the power to capture attention with trustworthy messages.

Stand out from the online noise with direct mail. Unique, creative, engaging, and personalized pieces have the power to connect. Use QR codes, textures, scratch areas and more in increase interest and engagement for great results!

Small businesses would be amiss to not have a direct mail campaign as part as their overall marketing strategy in 2021.

Multichannel Marketing

Multichannel marketing refers to using a combination of customer and prospect communication to attract business. It can include digital, storefront, mail, and mobile methods in any mix. The goal is to reach customers and give them choices about how they will interact with the organization.

With Plumb Marketing’s Response Builder, businesses can see the impact of their direct mail campaign with online engagement tools such as ads, tracking, and re-targeting. This multichannel marketing strategy maximizes direct mail campaigns to increase engagement and effectiveness. This creates predictable results for marketing to create the biggest bang for their buck as they build and grow – at a time when efficiency and impact has never been more important.

Stop wondering if your leads are converting and take control with Plumb Marketing’s Response Builder. If you are looking for a quality, direct mail campaign with targeted data, contact us today for a demonstration and more information about Response Builder and how it can work for your business.