New people are continuously moving into Denver, Colorado communities. With 14% of Americans on the move each year and over 77,000 new residents to Colorado alone in 2017, the opportunity to market to new movers is greater than ever. These people come from near and far, often having to discover new services available to them, from the highway system to commute to work to the nearest hospital for an emergency.

Plumb Marketing offers an highly effective New Mover program for hospitals and medical clinics. This program is designed to build immediate awareness to new residence who are searching for medical care and emergency room services. By positioning your medical facility as the first touch to the new resident and placing a perception of the preferred community choice, your healthcare facility is more likely to be the first one they call to find a primary physician, set up a routine visit or special procedure or seek emergency care.

Our programs go beyond just direct mail delivery. Our emphasis is to couple traditional new mover mailing campaigns with powerful online remarketing to increase the reach and longevity of your new mover campaign. Research has also shown that great promotional gifts can increase recollection of a brand and are general kept for 1 to 4 years.

The Plumb Marketing New Mover Program Includes:

  • Monthly list procurement of new residence within a targeted zip code.
  • Initial mailing with 1st Aid kit and Welcome Message to the new resident.
  • Monthly postcard mailer to the list for 3 months.
  • Online integration for better response, using Google remarketing and Facebook pixels to show mailer messaging online to your mailing list.

Plumb Marketing can also provide graphic design services, call tracking, mail fulfillment for ongoing communications and more!

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