When was the last time that you searched for something you were planning to buy on the internet? Did it seem like suddenly advertising for that thing you researched began to appear everywhere? Well it was not your imagination. Remarketing techniques are officially here!

What exactly is remarketing? Simply said, remarketing is a technique used by online advertisers to “follow” users who have searched a specific keyword and visited a website as a result. Then, marketers show them advertising related to their search via other websites. For example, go to Google and search for tires for your car. You may click on a local provider to check availability, price and location to purchase your new tires. Immediately, you will begin to see advertisements for tires on search engines, social networks and other websites. This is called remarketing.

While this method may seem a little disconcerting, it works wonders for converting website traffic into real bottom line results. After all, even if you can bring someone to your website, 97% of first time visitors do not actually convert to sale. According to Marketo, a leading provider of marketing automation software, 70% of visitors to your website will eventually buy from the site if they are properly nurtured. Below is an example of a lead generation nurturing program we often use at Plumb Marketing through our Response Builder program.

  1. Create a direct mail piece with a compelling offer, visually stimulating artwork and trackable call to action (like a dedicated phone number or a coupon code.)
  2. Build a website landing page that corresponds to your offer and include the web address on the direct mail piece.
  3. Collect (or purchase) a list of ideal prospects for your offer.
  4. Send out mailer with a call to action and a reason to visit your special web address.
  5. Run a Google Adwords program targeting visitors to your website.
  6. Upload your list by name and zip code to Facebook Power Editor to run targeted ads on the social network with similar branding and offer.
  7. Test, track and adjust the placement, timing and offer of your program.

If you think about marketing practices of the past, this is not really a new concept. We are just using different technology. Once upon a time, a brand would place advertising in the newspaper, radio, TV and use direct mail to create brand recollection, trust and eventually sales. Today’s world of marketing still uses some of these methods. However, with remarketing, we can now base our campaigns on behavior (like a click) as well as zip code.

Considering a remarketing program for your next direct mail campaign? Contact us for a demo of our Response Builder program and begin to see higher ROI on your marketing programs!




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Response Builder is a marketing based solution that is designed to seamlessly track the effectiveness of your direct mail campaign while enhancing results through cross-channel marketing on the Google Display Network and Facebook. Included in your Response Builder program:

Plumb Marketing print and direct mail services begins this program. Let us help you print and mail your compelling offer to your list or one of ours!

We track your mail by analyzing the raw data provided to us by the USPS system through the Intelligent Mail Barcode that is printed on your mail piece. This data allows us to predict and confirm when your mail will reach mailboxes.

You will be provided a unique local or toll free number for your campaign. This number will be printed on the mail pieces and used on the banner ads. Any calls that come through on this line will be tracked, recorded and available for playback and download.

90% of people who are interested in a product or service go to the company’s website first before calling or visiting the brick and mortar location. According to Google Analytics, 96% of unique website visitors will leave without taking any sort of an action. Follow the visitors to your website throughout the Google display network to show them advertising that matches your direct mail piece using our powerful remarketing program.

We will take your mailing list to Facebook and Instagram to MATCH each name with Facebook/Instagram accounts. Now your target market will receive the initial mailing AND be delivered the same message on their Facebook/Instagram feeds even before they have visited your website!

Access your client dashboard portal specific to your campaign to watch results in real time! Know when your direct mail campaign is projected to hit mailboxes, confirm delivery and see how much of your mail has been delivered. Receive notifications and recordings for any calls that were generated from your campaign, including date, length of call and caller ID. See how many people are visiting your website, how often your ad has appeared online and how often it has been clicked. All of this amazing increase in exposure enhances the overall results of your campaign.