With Denver being hailed as one of the best cities in the country to live, more than 77,000 people moved to the area in 2017 alone. According to a local magazine, Westword, Mile High City residents are more likely to move every year. This creates a unique opportunity for companies trying to expand their reach. Read on to find out whether new movers is a good market for you.  

Top Industries for a New Mover Direct Mail Campaign

Once in a new area, residents begin to search for their biggest needs and wants, which often includes:

  • Stores (grocery, specialty retail, health food, liquor, etc.). 
  • Medical providers. 
  • Dental offices. 
  • Veterinary clinics. 
  • Child care centers. 
  • Restaurants and other food-related businesses. 
  • Barbers, hair and beauty salons. 
  • Home items (can be anything from furniture to art pieces).  
  • Different maintenance services.
  • Places of worship.
  • Fitness centers.

New Movers Have Money to Spend

V12 data shows that new movers spend more in their first 3-6 months than they will the entire following year, which adds to a $170 billion dollar annual spend. Wow! That’s the market you want to tap into. Capture the attention of these folks while they are looking for your products and services by creating a Plumb Marketing New Mover Campaign. We will help you welcome your future customers right!